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Here's 6 Asthma Mistakes You Should Avoid: lineAvoid These 6 Common Mistakes And You Will Automatically reduce your Asthma symptoms 

Mistake #1 - Breathing through your mouth

Breathing through your mouth is one of the worst things you can do as asthmatic. By simply reducing mouth breathing you will be able to slowly improve your asthma. It is a tough habit to break if you have been doing it for while but it can be done, you will feel a lot better doing so as well.

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Mistake #2 - Sleeping on your back at night

Asthmatic's that sleep on their backs at night suffer more asthma attacks than those that sleep on their sides. Start sleeping on your side and you will notice that your asthma at night will improve.

Mistake #3 - Using combination asthma inhalers.

Not only do many medical professions prescribe dangerous drugs for asthma but the combination of asthma drugs has been know to cause death among many asthmatic's. (more of this and the scientific research included in the program page -)

Mistake #4 - Eating late at night.

Eating late at night causes your body to warm up and as a result your body will naturally heat up, as your body starts digesting your food, this will then cause you to mouth breathe. Ever notice what any human or animal does when they get hot? They mouth breath!

Mistake #5 - Not doing breathe warm-up's before your workout

There is not a sport on earth that does not require you to warm up, so why would you even begin working out before you do breathe warm ups, these breath warm up exercises alone will improve your endurance (even for no asthmatic's) , they will make you use less of your asthma inhaler and have a better work out.

Mistake #6 - Eating too much processed food.

It is a known fact that processed food is the number one cause of disease in the west, by eating processed, un natural food you will automatically cause your asthma condition worsen. Countries that have introduced processed foods,have noticed three fold increases in asthma.

Mistake #7 Thinking Asthma is non treatable and a disease.

If asthma was a disease then why do some people grow out of it? If it was not treatable then why would over 200,000 people who have tried this system been able to naturally treat their asthma?

Medical studies have been conducted proving that the method works, it has been featured on programs, documentaries have been made and now you have the chance to naturally get rid of your asthma.

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 Reverse Your Asthma






About The Program:

 Reverse your asthma is not a new program, in fact it has been around for more than 60 years.

Medical trials were done and were proven - Those that went through the trial experienced a 97% reduction in asthma symptoms in less than 21 days.

 Discover How To Effectively Treat Asthma Triggers Such As...

  How To Naturally Treat Dust Triggers (Page 15)
Stop Hay Fever Ruining Your Life (page 194) explained from (page 6)
Get Rid Of Smoke Triggers (Page 192)
Stop Pollen Asthma Triggers (page 20)
Stop Suffering From Pet allergies (page 6)

Provides You With A Fast, Reliable And Totally Safe Method For Treating & Naturally Healing.... 

Mild asthma (The Reverse your asthma program treats mild asthma Almost From day one) (Page 41)

severe asthma (The Reverse your asthma program has been known to reverse sever asthma Fast) (Page 230) (explained from page 16)

Helps strengthen your lungs Right From The Start (page 19)

Gives you confidence to do normal activities most people take for granted. (page 16-30)

Restores Your health Back To normal (Page 15 - 30)

Helps you sleep like a baby at night but without having the need to reach for your asthma medication (page 14, 194)

Gain confidence To Live A Normal Happy Life (Page 16)

Helps win back your self confidence (Page 17)

Shows You How to manage stress and anxiety (page 53)

Within As Little As 7 Days Will Be Able To... 

Better Manage your asthma condition without drugs and in a few weeks be able to get off 100% Your medication

Stop Panicking If You Have Your Medication On You.

Increases and strengthen your lungs - Breathe like a non asthmatic in as little as 14 days

Feel more energetic as you Don't need your asthma medication as often and you will be able to exercise like normal again!

The Reverse your asthma program does just that... 

It begins treating asthma from day one, the research shows that within 21 days patients have a 50- 70+% reduction in their asthma medication - Some people achieve a higher success during this short time using the program. (page 15) view the video above

Improves your asthma condition - from day one you will notice a reduction in the use of your asthma medication usually within several hours of starting the program (page 19) watch the news channel video above


It teaches you how to correct your breathing which prevents you from having asthma attacks or needing your asthma inhaler (page 15 - 30)


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